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This audio collection consists of:

  • DinosaursBefore Dark: Jack and also his more youthful sis, Annie, come across a tree home loaded with publications. Before Jack and also Annie could determine the secret of the tree home, it blends them back to the primitive past. Now they need to determine ways to obtain residence. Can they do it prior to dark, or will they be ended up being a dinosaur’s supper?
  • TheKnight at Dawn: Peacocks for supper and also kids in skirts. That’s what Jack and also Annie discover when the Magic Tree House transfers them back to the Middle Ages for one more wild experience. They discover themselves in the center of a massive castle and also could listen to the starts of a banquet underway in the GreatHall But Jack and also Annie typically aren’t precisely welcome visitors!
  • Mummies in the Morning: Jack and also Annie do not require one more mommy. But that’s just what they obtain when the Magic Tree House blends them back to old Egypt after analysis a publication on the very same topic. There they discover themselves in a pyramid in person with a lengthy dead queen calledHutepi Will Jack and also Annie have the ability to assist her, or will they wind up as mommies themselves?
  • PiratesPast Noon: It’s a genuine bonanza of problem when the Magic Tree House lugs Jack and also Annie back to the days of deserted islands, secret maps, and also hazardous pirates! Will they find the concealed hidden prize, or will they deal with the opportunity of strolling the slab?
  • Night of the Ninjas: Have you ever before satisfied a genuine real-time ninja? Jack and also Annie do when the Magic Tree House blends them back to old Japan trying to find enchantress Morgan leFay When they show up, they discover themselves in the cavern of a ninja master. Will they discover the keys of the ninja? Or will the bad samurai warriors obtain them?
  • Afternoon on the Amazon: Vampire bats and also awesome ants? That’s what Jack and also Annie will encounter when the Magic Tree House blends them back in time to a South American jungle trying to find the evasive Morgan leFay It’s not long prior to they obtain hopelessly shed on the AmazonRiver Will they have the ability to discover their back to the tree home prior to they are run over by stampeding awesome ants?
  • Sunset of the Sabertooth: The Ice Age is extremely trendy … for 2 youngsters in swimwear! When the Magic Tree House blends them back right into the time of cavern individuals and also woolly mammoths, Jack and also Annie almost freeze. But absolutely nothing could quit them from having one more wild experience – not also a sabertooth tiger!
  • Midnight on the Moon: Three … 2 … one … launch! The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and also Annie off to the moon – and also the future. Their goal? To discover the last “M” point that will certainly release Morgan from the spell. Can they do it prior to the air in their oxygen storage tank goes out? Will they strange moon male assist them? And why is Peanut the computer mouse acting so weird?
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