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When my tendency for murder started,

I do not recognize. Perhaps it’s in the name or possibly it’s in the childhood years I have a hard time to bear in mind. You see my name is Down! Eider Down! I’m meant to be soft and also a break from the globe. Instead I’m awesome and also separated and also have actually surrounded several in their rest. You would certainly eliminate also! Here I am roaming the second hand shoppes newly Dry Cleaned awaiting my following target. Too pricey to discard and also a lot also preferable to overlook. You salivate on me! You sweat on me and also abuse me with sex-related acrobatics and afterwards ask yourself why as the life drains pipes out and also away from your gasping body. I detest you! I abhor your simpering throughout the desires I’m compelled to witness but I never ever believed myself a taker of lives. Such affection in between awesome and also target, such is the call of eyebrow after body. The impact I possess enough to enamour others to flex to my will, various other times I act alone. The why of it also I do not recognize.

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